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Pitch info:

​Solar lights

Suitable for a large tent

Covered kitchen area


Picnic bench

Private eco compost toilet & shower facilities


Custard's story

I immediately think of sweet yellow creamy custard as a lovely desert. However, it was in this instance the name was given to a beautiful yellow calf, named because of her colour-, though she was not exactly sweet! She was as feisty as you like and very jumpy. She would clear a jump over a five bar gate with no problem, often leaving a very bewildered and huffing crowd of us staring after her as she hightailed it away up the field. She was a very difficult girl indeed, but we remember her fondly.

Our corner camping pitch is ideal for large tents.

There is a covered kitchen area which is fully equipped with everything you need to cook as well as a gas hob and picnic bench.


The cover extends to the fire pit area in case of rain. It also has solar lights.


Please check the availability calendar below to see which dates you'd like to book.

We have a minimum stay of 2 nights. 

 We have the same prices for peak and shoulder season.

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