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Pitch info:

Suitable for a campervan or a large tent

Covered kitchen area


Picnic bench

Private eco compost toilet & shower facilities

Jill's story.

 One day my Grancha went visiting our neighbour's farm who often took in orphaned animals. On this occasion they had a box of piglets under the dresser. One of the little piggies was so small they asked my Granch to take her home to my Grandmother to nurse because they were sure she could save her. Returning home with a piglet in his coat pocket, my Nan greeted little Jill. She was weak and small but with lots of love and care, she soon grew. She became so boisterous and naughty she even chased them around the farmyard and eventually bit my nan! How very naughty Jill the piggy was!


Our sheltered corner camping pitch is also suitable for a campervan. 

Whilst people usually ask for an electric hook up- it is not essential because we have solar lights in kitchens, showers & toilets and access to electric fridges & freezer and electric sockets for charging electrical devices at the arrival area.

This pitch has its own outdoor covered kitchen with gas hob and everything you need to cook, as well as a picnic bench.


The cover extends to the fire pit area where you can enjoy the peace, tranquility and serenity of the countryside, enjoying the exquisite views.


Please check the availability calendar below to see which dates you'd like to book.

We have a minimum stay of 2 nights. 

 We have the same prices for peak and shoulder season.

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